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Thursday , March 30 2023

Full Time Cleaner Jobs with Best Salaries in Canada

If we talk specifically about Canada, the cleaner or cleaning jobs are pretty much in trend there. You will find a number of people belonging to different regions and countries applying for cleaning jobs.

The reason behind this high demand is the ease of work routine and suitable pay rates. Apart from that, the labor rules and rights in Canada are pretty favorable for people of any nationality.

In today’s topic, I am going to cover multiple cleaning/cleaner jobs in Canada. Each of them is a full-time job along with the best salary package and other facilities, let’s move forward and have a look.

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Best Cleaner Jobs in Canada 2022

1: Cleaner Job

ExperienceYes Required
Shift30 to 40 Hours a Week
Pay Rate$25 Per Hour

Aboriginal Cleaners Company is in search of an experienced Cleaner to manage multiple cleaning activities. Like cleaning houses, bathrooms, kitchens, and others.

The position is full-time with duty timings from Monday to Friday with possible flexibilities in the schedule. Applicants with relevant experience will be preferred.

If you want to apply for this job, click on this link and follow the procedures accordingly. The HR department will contact you back as per the criteria.

2: Cleaner Job

ShiftAs Required
Pay Rate$18 to $20

Sunny Creek Contracting Ltd is open for the position of Cleaner applicant. It is a full-time position offering $18 to $20 per hour along with many other benefits like accommodation, transport, and medical.

The job responsibilities include cleaning building floors, washing walls, washing windows and glass, and disposing of garbage cans. Duty timing may vary as required or instructed by your supervisor.

In order to apply for this cleaner job position, simply click on this link and fulfill the application form. Once submitted, you will be responded back by the managing authorities.

3: Cleaner Job

JobLight Duty Cleaner
Pay Rate$20 Per Hour

Sound Scaffolding Incorporated has opened its slots for Cleaners to apply. Although it’s a temporary position, the quality work results may lead the individual towards permanency of the job.

The job responsibilities include keeping the building and workplace totally clean 24/7 including the cleaning of the building, its rooms, washrooms, common areas, windows, glass, and floors

If you are eligible to apply for this job position, do click on this link and follow the criteria accordingly. The Best Service Pros Canada will respond to you back when needed.

4: Cleaner Job

JobParts Cleaner
Pay Rate$20 to $22

Well, Cassa-Mia’s Cleaning Services is looking for an individual to fulfill the position of Cleaner. As cleaning companies are developing rapidly, getting jobs has become pretty accessible.

Job responsibilities include cleaning and maintenance of rooms, windows, glasses, floors, ceilings, and bed sheets. A reward will also be provided if you are doing a great job.

Click on this link to apply for this job position at Cassa-Mia’s Cleaning Services, once you submit the application, you will be contacted back by the authorities for further procedure.

5: Cleaner Job

JobOffice Cleaner
Pay Rate$18 Per Hour

Philcan Contractor LTD Canada is in search of an office cleaner. So the doors are opened for willing applicants to become part of this reputable organization.

The job responsibilities will include cleaning the office building, floors, windows, walls, kitchens, washrooms, and related common areas. Disposal b trash will also be part of this job.

If you are eligible to apply for this position, click on this link and follow the criteria accordingly. Representatives will contact you back when needed.

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Do share the post in your social circle with others and let them know about the cleaning/cleaner job vacancies in Canada. If you have any related queries, feel free to contact us in the comments section below.

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