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Wednesday , December 7 2022

Fruit Farm Worker Multiple Jobs in Canada – Latest 2022

Recently, Canada opened up with a bunch of new vacancies available for Fruit Farm Workers. If you are searching for a similar position to adjust in, don’t just miss this great opportunity.

Because in today’s job posting, we have multiple job positions in multiple cities of Canada as Fruit Farmworkers. Check out the eligibility criteria and do apply for them.

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Fruit Farm Worker Jobs Canada

1: Fruit Farm Worker

JobFruit Farm Worker
Pay Rate$16 Per Hour

DAVID MICHAEL KISH has posted requirements for Fruit Farmworkers in Kelowna. The position requires minimum to high-level experience from planting to the cultivation of Apples & Orchard Fruit on farms.

The core job responsibilities include plantation, fertilization, and cultivation of Apple, and Orchard Fruit. Regular monitoring of fruit quality and reporting the updates to the supervisor.

If you meet the required criteria accordingly, do click on this mentioned link to apply for the job position. The related authorities will contact you back as per the schedule they own.

2: Fruit Farm Worker

JobBlueberries Farm Worker
Pay Rate$20 an Hour

AMAKB FARMS has opened its slots for the position of Blueberries Farm Workers, applicants having sufficient experience in the relevant field are eligible to apply for the post.

The main job responsibilities include the plantation of blueberries, monitoring and maintaining the quality of trees, cultivation of fruits using different equipment/machinery, and reporting updates to the supervisor.

In order to apply for Farm Worker, simply click on this link and follow the steps accordingly. Once you submitted your application for the job position, the company will contact you back when needed.

3: Seasonal Fruit Picker

JobFruit Farmer
Pay Rate$16 Per Hour

Bains Berry Farms Ltd a well-known name in Canada is in search of multiple farm workers. Applicants must be physically fit, and energetic and should have a minimum of experience in farming and fruit picking.

The basic to main job responsibilities include plantation and cultivation of different fruits/vegetables, obeying the supervisor’s instructions, and maintaining the quality factors.

If you are eligible according to the criteria and requirements mentioned by the company. Do click on this link and submit your request for this job position at Jealous Fruits Ltd.

4: Seasonal Cherry Picker

JobFarm Worker
Pay Rate$15.20

This job position also belongs to J.G.Produce C/O Amarjeet Gill, this time they are searching for a farm worker who must be active, and energetic, and should have some know-how about fruit/veg farming.

His main job duties will include, plantation, cultivation, and irrigation of fruits and vegetables like apples, cabbage, garlic, and cherries. Maintaining quality as defined by a supervisor is compulsory.

Similarly, if you are eligible for the mentioned position, directly click on this link and follow the criteria accordingly. Authorities will respond to your application when needed.

5: Fruit Farm Worker

JobFruit Farm Worker
ExperienceNot Required
Pay Rate$19 an Hour

SULL FARM is open for applicants who want to apply for the position of Farm Worker. Operations may be at different sites like ground, at height, and others with certain flexibilities in routine.

While the core job responsibilities include, cropping and harvesting the different types of fruits like berries, apples, and raspberries, and some type of vegetables like cucumbers, sweet corn, and tomatoes.

Click on this mentioned link if you are willing to apply for this position at SULL FARM. Once the application is submitted, wait for the response from related authorities.

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  1. Good day im interested to apply

  2. Mae Karen Dela Torre Maquiling

    Is there a job who can sponsor visa?
    I’m interested to the job

  3. what is needed to work …i need this work for my family and my kids

  4. I’m interested. I want to work in Canada.

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    Im interested of this job..

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  7. Interested to apply in a fruit farm… hope be one of your choosed applicant

  8. I want to apply a job as a fruit picker.

  9. Jocelyn Dumadag Sanico

    Hope i have opportunity to work in Canada. I don’t have any experience one of them but i like and love to do what you offer. Thank you😊😊😊

  10. this is my hobby. i’m very interested. fruit picker.

  11. I’m interested to apply as a fruit picker.

  12. Novelyn Madrangca Quinimon

    I want to apply as a fruit picker..

  13. Rina Lyn Quintanes

    Seasonal cherry picker

  14. I’m interested to apply fruit picker

  15. Good day! Im from phillipines. Im interested. How to apply fruit farm worker? Thank you

  16. Ma. Kristina Magpayo

    How to apply as a fruit picker in canada? I am a passport holder here.

  17. Im interested yo apply as a fruit Farm workers

  18. Jeanelyn C. Alvez

    Very interested
    I have experience for this job.

  19. Love the Seasonal Cherry Picker, I am willing to apply.

    • Maria Blessilda Mamaril

      I’m Interested!…It’s my Dream to work in Canada
      For my Family…I’m a Nurse By Profession
      But i also love to work as a Seasonal Cherry Picker
      I am easy learner and hardworker…
      Im from Philippines.

    • Beverly cajes apao

      Good day… Im very much interested as a fruit picker., i dont have any experience as a picker but i promise that i have a capability to do work.. Thank you ❤️

    • Fruit ficker
      Im very willing to do my job.and very responsible to it.if you allow me to have this job im very greatful.

  20. Analiza Aliño Alde

    Im willing to apply

  21. Hello ma’am/sir I don’t have any experience in this kind of field but am willing to be trained and I’m fast learner.

  22. Glady Mae Rodulfa

    how to apply?

  23. I want to apply for a job in Canada. How? I’m a passport holder.

  24. Fernan G Yasania

    Im.interesed hope im.the one to give a chance of this country,thanknu very much,

  25. I really want to work in Canada, what are your qualifications?

  26. I’m interested and I’m willing to learn.

  27. Glady Mae Rodulfa


  28. how to apply as Fruit Farm worker?

  29. i am a farmer in my province and this is how i earned but its not enough to provide with all my family.
    i am interested to apply

  30. lovely baldonasa nollase

    Hi goodmorning i wanf to apply apple farm

  31. Rechelle Ann Ysulat

    Good day mam/sir, i am willing to apply. I am a hardworking person and willing to learn new things. Thank you

  32. Im interested and im willing to be trained..

  33. Im interested.. How we can apply??

  34. What is ur qualification?? Verry interested…

  35. Im interested to work in Canada

  36. Im interested to work in Canada.

    • Arlene Tabago. Mamungay

      Good evening maam/sir Im interested to work in canada because my course is so familiar to this job.

  37. Interested. How to apply

  38. How to apply ma’am.42 yrs old maam.

  39. How to apply in canada

  40. Both me and my wife are interested to apply. Please share how.

  41. Racquel juguilon

    How to apply

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  44. how to apply?

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    How to apply farm worker

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    How?? I want to apply?

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  49. dahlia e. Casimero

    I am very interested. How to apply?

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    im interested to apply. how to apply?

  52. Im interested to apply as a fruit picker.How to apply?

  53. I’m to apply..please response my message

  54. Hai Good evening ma’am sir I’m interested to work of your harvest

  55. good afternoon mam sir i want to apply any job im willing to learn anything and anytime .i can work immediately thank you 😊

  56. Im interested to apply as a fruit picker.How to apply?

  57. Hello, how to apply? Thank you. im willing to work in canada..

  58. Sarahnenia Antiola

    How to apply as a fruit picker?

  59. how to apply? im very interested and willing to do the job in Canada

  60. Ethel Joyce Austria

    How to apply ?

  61. Herolynn Beltran

    How to apply?im interested

  62. Hi good day mam/sir
    It’s a pleasure to work with you .
    I’ll give my best to be one of the best worker in your company .. please give me a chance to prove myself to you.

  63. Daphne Marie A. Del Rosario

    Hi, good day!
    I’m interested on the job.

  64. Sarah Jane Grapa

    Im interested how to apply

  65. Hi, is this open for Temporary Foreign Workers? Or open only for those who have valid permit & canadian citizen?

  66. how to apply?

  67. How to apply ma’am sir

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  75. How? Im interested to apply

  76. Hi good day,I’m interested in sessional cherry picker and I’m currently living in Philippines.

  77. I’m interested to apply. Im willing to learn anything. It’s a pleasure to work with you .
    I’ll give my best to be one of the best worker in your company .. Thank you

    • I’m adelaine muhi ,I’m 37 years old I’m willing to apply seasonal cherry picker I have not experience but I ready to learn.

  78. Analyn Almenteros

    Im interested to apply, so that i can help my family buy important things and also my kids is schooling..

  79. Jenkirose barda

    Im a filipino. 32 yrs of age a mom of 2 kids im very willing to work as farmer if you will gave me a chance. Do you accept foriegn workers? Im still residing in the phil. And hoping to find a job here in canada.

  80. when I check the job detail in your link I see this so does it means this is not available for an international applicant?
    Only apply to this job if:

    You are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
    You have a valid Canadian work permit.

  81. Cresilda Villena

    Dearest Sir/Ma’am,
    I’m Cresilda Villena from Philippines.. I’m very much willing to apply to the desired job that you’ve posted..Its my great pleasure If you will given me chance as one of your applicants… I’ll be willing to be train as much that I can do…God Bless and hope to hear reply..Thank you …

  82. Jeralyn Cañete

    How can we apply for the fruit picker position sir/ma’am

  83. Guinevere Ateniao

    Hi Ma’am/Sir I love farming and I’m interested to apply.

  84. Rochelle D Rubin

    Hi, Good Day I’m interested in this kind of work, and I’m so grateful if I can join this. I am a Filipino nationality and I’m 25yrs old. Thank you

  85. Delmar Jell Pepito

    Can I apply fruit farmer. I’m a Filipino citizen.. Willing to to your country

  86. Delmar Jell Pepito

    I’m interested about fruit farming, I’m a Filipino citizen and willing to go to your country.

  87. Edelyn de guzman

    Im interesting this job, and i accept all work to give me

  88. How to apply ??im interrsyed for this job pls let me know .salamat

  89. Im interested for the work im hard working and willing to learn more

  90. Marissa Ramones

    Gud day sir/ma’am I’m interested to apply as a fruit picker position I’m hard working and I’m willing to learn more, please choose me to take this position.

  91. I am interested!how to apply?but I don’t haveA a job experience in your country. I’m from Philippines

  92. Neil Marie G. Abis

    I am interested to apply a job of fruit picker. Thank you

  93. I’m interested of this job opportunity

  94. I’m interested to apply as a fruit picker

  95. I’m interested for this job ma’am sir,how to apply?I have experience 5 years for agriculture

  96. Prechy mabini Dagatan

    I’m Interested to Apply as a fruit picker,

  97. I’m interested to apply as a Fruit Picker.

  98. jeanilyn tormis

    im interested,and willing to be trained…

  99. im intereste and willing to be trained.

    • I’m interested how to apply and willing to be trained,,as a fruit picker,,pls help me what requirements do i need to submit…godbless you…

      • I am very interested to apply as a fruit picker.and I hope I enjoy to do that kind of job coz I really like to work in the farm..I’m hoping you gevin me a chance to work with your company…

  100. Hi ma’am/sir I am Jeme Rose Ituralde from Philippines I like farming and fruit picker I hope u can choose me to work in your company thank u and goodbless

  101. I’m interested being a factory worker or a farmer worker in Canada.

  102. charmis guerrero

    low im interested to apply as a fruit picker im willing to be trained.i hope you giving me a chance to work in canada pls for may family

  103. Jocelyn R. Tangca

    Interested to apply fruit picker

  104. I’m interested this job because I have certificate of agricultural ma’am.

  105. Rizza Mie Capistrano

    Hello good day..I’m interested for the job offer.. how to apply for this position? I’m an ex abroad..

  106. Gladys Doyle Abanes Uriarte

    Hi, is this job still open? I am willing to apply. I love gardening and i really like being around plants and nature.

  107. I’m interested on the job offer fruit farm worker

  108. Glebda danlag mayor

    I’m interested being a factory worker or a farmer worker in Canada.please accept me as one of your applicant.thanks and God bless us

  109. Hannah Victorea F. Dueñas

    im very interested to work being a factory worker and im sure i love my work because i have experience to harvest a fruit. so please accept me as one of your applicant. Thank u

  110. Genny Rose Sosas

    Hi, I’m Agriculture Graduate and i’m interested to apply a farmer job in your company. How to apply?

  111. Vanessa hazel l. Montenegro

    I am very interested to apply as a fruit picker.and I hopeI am very interested to apply as a fruit picker.and I hope I enjoy to do that kind of job coz I really like to work in the farm.


    I enjoy to do that kind of job cozI am very interested to apply as a fruit picker.and I hope I enjoy to do that kind of job coz I really like to work in the farm.



  112. Jessievelle Montesor

    Hi, I’m interested how to apply

  113. Im interested work abroad im 22 please hope you can read my comments

  114. I’m interested m how to apply?

    • Gemelou Clavecilla

      I’m interested to go and to work… Us a farmer because her in can’t give what we need of my family..

  115. I’m interested , to fruit picker, thankyou ☺️

  116. Hello good day! How can I apply to your good office? I’m willing to be trained and work at my best. Hopefully Im one of your chosen applicant to be. Thanks and Godbless.

  117. Im interested how to apply ,hopefully u can gve me a chance to work from thr

  118. Janice R. Cortes

    Hai I’m willing to apply I hope you choose me. I’m factory worker in 3 years at delmonte ..

  119. Good day I’m interested to this kind of job .

  120. Im interested how to apply?


    How to apply I’m interested complete requirements here🙏

  122. How to apply

  123. My husband want to apply
    Passport holder

  124. My husband want to apply
    Passport holder

  125. Have a good day .

    Please 🙏 PM me cause I’m interested. THANKS

  126. Janet gelara embalzado

    Good day I’m interested how to apply

  127. Hi mam sir im emma from Philippines im interested 32yrs old pasport holder first timer

  128. I’m intetested how to apply

  129. Nickson cabuyadao

    I need a job pls my no.6309777643191 thank you

  130. Willing to apply and work as fruit picker and any farming work related job…passport holder,,,how and where to apply po??????

  131. How to apply im very interested.

  132. I am willing to work as fruit picker.

  133. I need this job maam/sir this the opportunity to help my family. Thank you so much

  134. Willing to apply and i love the work farming how to apply? sir/maam

  135. Good day SIR/MA’AM
    I would like to submit my resume, where can I specifically submit it? Thank you

  136. Donald adel uganiza

    Im interested this job i hope give me change work in canada

    • am interested in this job! I’m an NC11 holder of crop production and organic production graduated with two years course in agricrops production. And in college, I graduated with a BS in Agribusiness. I came from the Philippines. My big dream is to work in Canada as a farmer. Knowledgeable enough to handle different crops. I love agriculture because it feeds the nation and also the way of life. I hope ill be the one to be part of your company and see the big change in crops because i love farming.

  137. Willing to apply for the job. How and where to apply?

  138. Applying fruit farm worker

  139. I’m interested this job please let me know how to apply?

  140. Hello good day ma’am/sir im interested to apply farm worker for fruit picker. I hope give me some Appotunity and on your antention. Thank you and have a good day.

  141. Hi maam and sir I’m very interested to apply as a fruit picker I hope u will help me because its my pleasure work in canada.. Thank u for your consideration..

  142. Jolly ann guardian

    Im interested to apply fruit picker or farm worker,

  143. Marlon Luza Padilla

    How to apply for Fruit Farm Worker in Surrey Canada,
    I’m a college graduate and I want to apply. I’m from Philippines

  144. Earl Reniel D. Rosales

    Good day maam/sir I’m willing to apply in this work I’m to learned any thing in this job.i can work under pressure

  145. I’m interested passport holder..

  146. Good day sir/Ma’am. Im interested to apply fruit farm worker, fruit picker.

    • I am willing to work in your agricultural farming like farm worker, because I gradauted in bachelor science agriculture major in horticulture .

  147. Hello a great day to you sir/mam its my dream to work in canada im very interested i hope u accept my application as a fruit picker i have a knowledge about farming.

  148. harley davidson V. lacdao

    hello, mam”/ sir.
    good day i am willing and interested to apply to this work iam so willing to go a high presure traning and iam a fast learner and a hard working person. i want to be a part of your good company. thank you.

  149. mark leonard c. albatera

    good day ma’am / sir i like this work and iwant to apply

  150. Good day po! How to apply? Im so interested to opportunity as a fruit picker in canada. Thankyou!

  151. Jonarose Elecho Meyor

    Good day ahead. I am seeking for any of the farm laborer, fruit picker, packer or any horticultural position. I have a degree in Agriculture and a farming enthusiast. I have been employed in various industry like manufacturing, retail and administration for a total of 13 years. I am flexible, adaptable, hardworking and willing to be trained. Thank you and best of luck on your future endeavours.


      good day sir/ma’am
      I’m interested to apply as a fruit farm worker, hopefully you can give me a chance to work with you, i’ll do my very best to work hard this kind of work.

  152. I’m interested. How to apply?? Pls respond

  153. I’m interested to apply

  154. im interested. how to apply?

  155. francis benjamin yamar

    hello maam i would like to apply as a
    fruit picking position i can adopt any forms of work being assigned to me i am a fast learner.

  156. Good day ,im from philippines , im interested of the job farmer and fruit picker may i know how to apply?

  157. I’m interested to apply because I can help my family

  158. Hi Po…how to apply as a fruit picker po

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